Dean’s Lust

Rebel McCarthy offered me a free read of their book The Rural Professor, but as I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, I simply downloaded a copy and read it at no extra cost to myself and a small fee finding its way into the author’s pocket.

Highly recommend Kindle Unlimited, by the way. Sign up for a free month trial and check it out.

The rural professor finds himself teaching in a New Mexico town – not a million miles away from the events of my own Two Come Carrie Tonite – and as a young, well-built, and well-endowed man, he finds himself attracting a certain amount of attention from the students and staff.

There are nine well-built chapters in this novel, and they fit together to form a loose narrative. We meet some of the characters more than once, and they have various connections, but basically this is a collection of short stories, and there isn’t a real lot in the way of character development.

Having said that, each stand-alone story is very nicely constructed, and there is enough variation in the characters, the settings, and what they do to keep this reader very well entertained.

The first story moves along at a brisk clip, as well as introducing the main character, the setting, and the first love interest, who makes an interesting return later on in the book.

After that, Rebel teases the reader along, unveiling each fresh adventure in a more leisurely fashion, a bit of exploration and tantalising before the main feature, as it were. I like that. Build up the tension and it is all the better when it is finally released.

Rebel knows how to write and how to tell a story. This prose delivers the atmosphere and the action without getting in the way, and that’s how writing should be. There were no jarring lapses in syntax or grammar as one sometimes finds in tales of this nature, and there was no striving for effect either.

The focus is squarely on our rural professor and his campus friends as they learn lessons in life and love. There’s also a bonus “first love” story told as a teaser to a surprising interlude.

One of the things I loved about this book was that every episode was different. I won’t say that I was on the edge of my seat with excitement, though there was a certain amount of that as I read along, but I was drawn into the story to see what would happen next.

Nothing tooooo kinky, but there’s a little gentle experimentation as we go along, and certainly a few surprises for our professor.

I loved this book. Spicy and sensual, just me and the author sitting close with a few drinks in the mellow warmth of a New Mexico dusk, telling each other stories, comfortably leaning against each other as the sunset fades and the stars come out.

Who knows what comes next? I’m looking forward to more from this writer after an excellent start.


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