Underground reading

Front cover of board book showing a pair of underpaints with a circular hole in the front. Title: "Penis Pokey"

Don’t ask me how I came across this book. Let’s just say that writers in general and erotica writers in particular find some strange corners of the internet while doing research.

This is not a review. Just a heads up for those of my readers best equipped to handle this.

OK. It’s a board book with a massive plot hole in it, and several stiff pages with amusing graphics.

This is a book where the reader can insert themselves into the action, become one of the characters. A banana, a hot dog, a rocketship. Not a great deal of plot, but I guess the act of reading creates its own narrative. You supply the climax, as it were, and I’d like to make the point that reading this can be a team effort.

Not recommended for the ladies monthly book group. “My husband was engrossed, but I just couldn’t get into it. More tea, Lydia?”

You’d think that this would also suit the grandmother crowd, reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the littlies, but again, not equipped to do justice to the book, and if grandpa lends a helping hand, then you’re really just kicking off a lifetime of horror and possibly a jail term. Resist the urge. Although juvenile, this is not a book for the kiddies.

And, despite the title of this post, probably not best suited to reading on the subway, but if you want to get your footlong involved on the morning commute, you could be a YouTube star. One way or another. I’d love to hear (and see) reading experiences. (And yes, there are videos online, Virginia, including one where a dog becomes part of the video review. Kind of a mixed bag, and the stream peters out in other directions fairly soon, but worth cocking an eye over.)

Worth going to Amazon and hitting the “Look Inside” feature. And do read the reviews while you are there.

Best bought new. Careful of paper cuts. Used copies can be had, but not recommended without protection. And gloves.

Also by the same author – Christopher BehrensThe Penis Pokey Activity Book (“PEN IS INCLUDED”) and Penis Parade which is the German version: the orginal and wurst.

For this title, I especially liked Amazon’s “Customers also viewed” feature. A great way to explore some of the less well-travelled paths of the Amazon warehouse.

Well, there you have it. My civic duty is done. To sum up: not a page-turner.


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