Love is blind

Cover image of "Blindly in Love" by Kelanie Black.

I’ve been following Kelanie Black, erotica writer, for some time. In a field of literature where so many seem to write the same stories over and over, Kelanie stands out as providing a different take on things.

She has found a partnership with an editor and a book formatter, and it shows. Three fields of excellence in one package.

I usually find a few typos or instances of dodgy grammar in self-published work, but this book is clean as a whistle.

And so beautifully presented. It is a delight to read. I wish that blind Kelanie could see the text. It is gorgeous.

This marks a step up for Kelanie. Her previous stories weren’t quite as professionally presented. Not that they weren’t great fun to read in their own right, and wonderfully atmospheric, but I am certain with this story she is setting her aim higher than the typical self-published erotica.

On that note, I would hesitate to call this erotica. Sure, there’s sex and some description of body parts in action, but a marked lack of the “one-handed reading” style that marks practical erotica. If you don’t get a few minutes of fairly detailed sexual action from foreplay to afterburn, then it’s not really doing the mindjob.

What this is, is the story of a loving relationship that has its ups and downs – so to speak – and involves both parties changing their attitude to life to accommodate their partner.

It is the sort of richly-woven tale I enjoy, told in alternating viewpoint chapters as the story progresses. We see things through one character’s eyes, and then the counterpoint through those of the other.

Perhaps this is a poor way of putting it, because one of the characters is blind. Our language contains so many visual expressions that I am having trouble describing the situation in a sensitive manner. “Point of view” or “perspective” are both based on vision. Outlook? No, that’s even worse.

But you know what I mean. It’s part of the language.

As a sighted person, I find it difficult to imagine how an intimate relationship must be without sight. If I could not see the expression on the face of my beloved. the smiles, the gestures, the little visual cues I take for granted, I’d be literally groping in the dark even more than usual.

Those times of uncertainty at the beginning of a relationship. Do they really care for me, or am I just guessing? Does their face light up when they see me, as mine does when I catch sight of them walking into a room?

I suppose that the unsighted compensate in other ways. One can hear the smile in a voice. The little sighs and catches that might pass un-noticed assume a greater importance. The importance of every little touch, every nuance of expression. There is information in the non-visual environment that the unsighted mine.

And this is not a story of actions so much as emotions and thoughts. We are inside the heads of both characters, and we know their doubts, their hopes, their joys. We’re not in Jane Austen territory, but we are certainly one or two steps up from the typical erotic tale where action is everything.

There is actually quite a lot of sex in this book – in small packets – and some serious BDSM action. Family tension, a little violence, a troupe of supporting characters. It’s worth reading a second time, just to be sure what’s going on and to pick up some of the nuances that may have been missed on the first trip through.

Listed as Book One in “The Red Lair” series, Kelanie has promised us more of the same. Possibly not a continuation of the same story with the same characters, but set in the same environment. There is a tiny taster of what may be coming in subsequent stories, because one of the chapters is set in the mind of a third character, one of the staff of the BDSM club where much of the activity occurs. We’ll hear more about them, I’m sure!

Kelanie has put a lot of herself into this book, and it’s a gift gratefully appreciated by this reader. Her world is so very different from mine, but so much of what the characters feel – the joys of a new love, the stresses, the anticipation, the crushing disappointment of a hasty word or a misunderstanding – is a part of my life as well.

Kelanie takes us on an emotional ride through the minds of two very different characters in what turns out to be a spicy and satisfying story. I highly recommend Blindly in Love.

Looking forward to more in the same vein!


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  1. Solid review. I try to imagine how it would be to be blind and in a relationship. So many challenges would come with it, I’m sure. I mean, what if someone tells you that your partner is cheating on you? How would you know who was telling the truth? It’s not like you could walk in on them, although. Damn. That would be interesting. A blind person catches their partner cheating in their bedroom but of course, has to guess at it. Anyway, this is a very interesting concept and sounds like a cool book! Great post!

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