Medium roar

Three days on Medium, and I’ve gotten 12 000 views. I must be raking it in, eh?

Eight stories written, 97 views, 43 reads, $1.01 in revenue. That’s about a cent a view, and on the figures above, that should be about $120, or $40 a day.

Sadly, no. All but a handful of those views are from one two-line response I made to a popular article, and I don’t receive revenue from responses. And all the revenue comes from two reads of one article, about coffee making equipment.

So I’ve made about 33c per day. Not what you’d call a living wage. Not enough to give up the day job.

I’m looking into the way the thing goes. I’ve identified one rather tawdry way of getting eyes on my writing, and that is by putting up a clickbait headline, like “How to get four thousand readers per day on Medium!”

Accurate, but misleading.

For the moment, I might treat it as an alternate destination for my blog posts. Who knows, I might get something pithy to go viral.


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  1. 12,000 views sounds pretty awesome. May not be any money but I bet few people have reached that number. If only reputation paid the bills. Heck, I saw we just write. The money might come but if we’re having fun writing and we’d be doing it any way, at least we can look back and say we had fun. Great post!


    1. Back in the day, I used to write for something called Bubblews in my spare time. Long gone, but I had fun telling a few stories, sharing a few pictures, writing opinion pieces, and every now and then they’d send me fifty bucks.

      I wasn’t getting rich, but it paid for a few goodies.

      There was quite a community. Stay at home mums, students, all sorts.We’d egg each other on and read each other’s pieces and have a grand old time.

      Then people in Asia got onto it. This was good money for them, and they automated their operations, lifting content from other places, getting robots to click on stories.

      The advertisers who were funding the thing jacked up when they got masses of views on their ads, but no clicks or sales coming back. The pulled the pin and that was that. The site folded and took all my content with it.

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      1. Wow, Britni. That’s terrible. Sites come and go but I hate that all your work went down the drain with it. I back up everything I do. Everything. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. It does sound like it was a pretty cool site before it got taken over, though. It’s good you had some fun and got some experience.

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