Making a buck a day

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Fun (CC by Tom Hodgkinson)

I haven’t been posting much here, I know. Surprised that anybody is still bothering to check, but I’ve been entertaining a few, I see from my mailbox notifications.

The simple answer is that I’ve been having way too much fun over on Medium. Since mid-December, I’ve published eighty articles. Check me out!

And I’ve earnt a grand total of $84. Go me!

That’s roughly a dollar an article, a dollar a day, and a tiny fraction of what I earn in my day job.

I’m not about to get rich and retire on this, but it’s fun, I get to write a lot about this and that, and I guess the big deal is that I can see who likes my stuff, what they like about it, and how often they like it.

Blogging can be pretty bloody dry, but over on Medium there’s not an hour goes by but somebody has something to say about my stories.

There’s also a good community feeling about it. People read my stories, I read theirs, and I can customise my feed. Oddly enough, there’s a lot of travel and photography in what I read.

What I really should be doing is writing more stories, instead of waffling on about politics and philosophy. Why is it so easy to write a thousand words a day on whatever comes off the top of my head, and so difficult to write something with a plot and characters in it?

But I did enjoy my little fantasy story about Japan. Published yesterday here, but may I recommend checking it out on Medium as well. The “friend link” is here, and it will get you past the paywall.

What I’d really like is for everybody to take out a membership on Medium – it costs five bucks a month – read my stuff, and write stories that I can read as well.

We’ll all clean up big time. That’s, um, a couple of cups of coffee a week.

And a lot of fun!


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