Usually everyone who does a book review starts off with reasons before revealing a score, it’s so clichéd. here’s a different take.

Rating  6/5

I read erotica all the time, I often dabble myself in it. It’s been a guilty pleasure for me to dabble into the art of writing one but I don’t consider myself very good at it. Unlike my other ventures I do write about, stories involving chaos etc.

This story was a masterpiece, It involved the right amount of seduction, class and lots of detailed imagery. Being in the technical sector I commend her on the research on the coding boot camps where core of the story is set. Always a bit kudos to research.

In my experience we need more stories where hot sexy women are the drivers. She also uses her (our) Australian fauna as well for developing plot elements. I am lucky to sign up to read this for free. Honestly would’ve paid 3.99 for this masterpiece. I know most people don’t read Erotica to read about well-rounded characters but the character development is very crucial to amping up the sexy in my view.

In a way most people including the main stream pop culture thinks that engineers are the most geekiest, Behind all these geekiness we often are sexy in my view. Kudos to Britni for picking one of the hardest places to build a romance story to use it as her baseline for this story.

In a way personally this story spoke to my because of my origin associated to the places and main character in this story.  I strongly urge you to read her work.  She is going places. Well done Britni it definitely got me aroused plenty of times than I care to admit 🙂

Chaotic Serenity